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About Rex


The Rex Baker on the Beeb

The Rex Baker and Rex Artisan Bakery have appeared on the TV plus BBC 3 Counties Nick Coffer’s radio show several times now.  He’s good!  Here he is on camera, explaining the healthy way we make bread at Rex, compared to the rather gruesome Chorleywood process of fast bread production:

Rex Bakery ‘My Life on a Plate’ from Rex Bakery on Vimeo.

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 16:00
Sat: 08:00 – 16:00
Sun: 9.00 – 1.30

“Baker swaps Dough for Dough…”


amersham examiner, baker swaps dough for doughWe love the headline in our local paper when we launched – because it’s true!

The Rex Baker formerly worked in the City.  His passion for food was piqued by all the delicious Michelin starred restaurants he lunched clients in. As a result he became a keen & highly accomplished home chef himself, experimenting with new recipes & techniques all the time.

The Rex Baker began to envision that if he made the very best food – the best ingredients, the best methods, for the best taste – then others like him would surely want to buy it too.

And since moving to Little Chalfont in Buckinghamshire, the Rex Baker always said to his family that what was missing from the community was a truly great bakery – and wondered why that was.

So in Summer 2012 during a family holiday to San Francisco, California (where coincidentally sourdough bread is commonplace & highly valued), the stars aligned & the Rex Baker made the life-changing decision to retrain as an artisan baker, with a simple vision of the very best in bakeries.  A bakery so good that it would enhance its local community.

Getting ready to open

As a teenager one of the Rex Baker’s 1st weekend jobs was bakery boy, cleaning out mixers & doughnut machines, so he knew that baking was hard graft, highly skilled & involved long hours & rising early.

He spent more than a year researching, trialling, training & apprenticing and built a working bakery in our local home garage.  He village day, rex bakery pop uplaunched Rex Artisan Bakery with a stall at Little Chalfont Village Day in June 2013, with a sell-out stand despite the torrential downpour that lasted most of the afternoon.  For nearly every Saturday morning after that, he spent a hard day’s night producing to local orders & extras for a pop-up stall in the village.  This continued during the shop purchase & refit period, and together with a weekly blog, emails, Facebook – the word soon spread & production demand for some lines such as ciabattas even maxed out the home working bakery capacity.  It was high time to open the bakery shop!

In itself that was an ordeal, with challenges of purchasing, power, permissions, so many decisions not to mention a lifetime’s savings – it’s really not easy to open a small business in Britain!  Read more here, here & here

Rex artisan bakery frontage, front of shopFinally on March 26th 2014, Rex Artisan Bakery opened its doors at No. 4 Chenies Parade, Little Chalfont to an amazing reception, making the risks & the hard work all worthwhile.

Our Rex values

Tired of food chain scares, factories producing for scale not you, increase in food allergies, rubbish fast food churned out by people with no feeling for what they do?

Instead, Rex Artisan Bakery loves what we do.  We are the modern version of an old fashioned baker, who cares deeply about we sell, taking time to make our food properly and only putting into it exactly what’s needed.  Our 4 PRINCIPLES

  • 1/ ALWAYS FRESH:  We make & bake bread every single night of the week so that our customers receive the very best of our produce every single morning.
    2/ HEALTH:  We follow only long fermentation methods of baking because we think they are more digestible & healthy and we only hand shape our breads.
    3/ ORGANIC:  We use only organic flour, use the minimum number of ingredients necessary, which is often just flour, water, salt & a leaven. No preservatives , improvers, ascorbic acid or other chemicals to artificially extend the life or increase the size of our loaf.
    4/ BEST INGREDIENTS:  We make everything we can for sale in our bakery, even down to the mayonnaise in our sandwiches. We search constantly for the most special ingredients, local or artisan where possible and let the availability of those ingredients shape our produce.

No other bakery anywhere locally can promise this combination – every single one of our breads complies with #Real Bread criteria

So that’s a lot About Us, but if you have more questions, do try here.
Hope you will want to come & visit us soon 🙂