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Artisan Monmouth Coffee

We serve espresso, cappucino, latte, americano, flat white – and have selected Monmouth artisan Coffee widely acclaimed as the best artisan coffee in London, paired  with a  local farmer’s creamy Guernsey milk.  This must make us one of the few coffee houses to care as much about our milk as our coffee – which makes sense, surely 🙂


Product Description

Monmouth artisan Coffee from Monmouth Street , Covent Garden is probably the oldest London artisan coffee house. They specialise in the highest quality beans directly & personally sourced from single farms, estates & cooperatives around the coffee-growing world and every week they provide us with their Espresso Blend.  Learn more about coffee-gold here

Guernsey cow milk is  richer than other British Cows milk but not fattier.  It’s sourced from a local farmer, D J Lacey who doesn’t homogenise the milk, which means sometimes the cream rise to the top a bit like we used 20 years ago – that’s a good thing!

You can have your coffee full fat or skinny, decaffeinated, with soya, extra hot milk, an extra shot….  And of course to drink in or to go.  Enjoy!!




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