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chocolate brownie

Chocolate Brownie

With the highest quality ingredients of organic rye flour, Monmouth espresso coffee, premium dark Belgian chocolate, our delicious Rex Chocolate Brownies are wheat-free – and sought after every single day!

Product Description

Available pretty much every day in Rex as generous square cut slices, we offer a class Double Chocolate Rex Chocolate Brownie which is with healthy organic rye flour. Watch us making them here!

Organic rye flour
Brown Sugar
Whole free range Egg
Unsalted Butter
Sunflower oil
Belgian Dark Chocolate
Black Monmouth espresso coffee
Toasted Hazelnuts (in classic hazelnut variety)

Occasionally available – in Apricot & Almond:
Golden Syrup
Dried organic apricots
nibbed almonds


“Just hoping you made Chocolate Brownies today?!”




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