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Olive Ciabatta Gold 2014 copy

Olive Ciabatta

It’s really hard to make Ciabbata & Focaccia dough by hand, because of the very high water content which makes it such a tricky dough to handle.  That’s why most shop-bought ciabattas will come from a packet mix whilst Rex Ciabatta is all hand-made and utterly delicious 🙂

Product Description

The Rex Baker has a strong weekly following (including native Italians!) for his Organic Olive Ciabatta featuring a generous numbers of whole Kalamata olives, and also his Plain Organic Ciabbata.   Both feature the same mushroom Ciabatta dough that has won a Gold World Bread Award.  The very high water content helps to keep the ciabatta breads naturally moist for longer, and with its relatively soft crust it’s ideal for many.  Learn more


Organic white ciabatta flour
Fresh Yeast
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Kalamata organic whole olives



” the bread is stufferd (sic) with huge olives! it was a whole lunch on its own…SO delicious! Thank you!!”

“Loved the Olive Ciabatta last week. Tried it with lots of toppings, but plum jam was best!”

We LOVED the olive ciabatta……….The olives were so succulent not like the semi dried ones you get in (Supermarket) loaves!



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