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It’s really hard to make Focaccia & Ciabbata dough by hand, because of the very high water content which makes it such a tricky dough to handle.  That’s why, unlike Rex, most shops will use a packet mix – Rex Focaccia is all hand-made.

Delicious on its own, warmed up or sliced horizontally for a lovely sandwich.

Product Description

Our Focaccia slices are topped with a variety of special flavour combinations, depending on the season & the Rex Baker’s fancy. Favourites include Sea Salt & Herbs, Potato & Rosemary, Cherry Tomato. Lucky dip! Join the queue of local Italians to buy…  Learn more here


Organic white ciabatta flour
Fresh Yeast
Extra virgin olive oil
Various toppings



” Your focaccia is my Guilty Pleasure!”

“I always look forward to a slice of these on Saturdays. Loved the potato and rosemary last week!”

Nom nom nom;)



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