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Pan Gallego

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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Our beautiful, rustic looking Pan Gallego or “bread of Galicia” sourdough, was inspired by our Spanish baker.   It has a European-style thick & tasty crust with a large hole-y ciabatta-type interior and is the HIGHEST RANKED bread in the entire Great Taste Awards 2015, awarded a rare TWO stars!!

Product Description

Pan Gallego is hand-made over a complex 3-day process using 2 different types of wheat flour & a lot of rye flour and our Rex sourdough starter.  The dough is retarded for 18 hours and there is multiple manual folding of the dough to help with volume.  It’s an extremely wet dough and it requires skill to handle – it’s especially tricky to hand- shape the distinctive, button-knot on top

We then stone bake at a very high temperature for a long time to create the right, delicious texture & taste.



Organic white bread flour
Organic ciabatta flour
Organic whole Rye flour
Wild Yeast (sourdough starter)


Spanish Sour Dough I bought this am has almost gone!!!!!! Delish xxx
“..some of the finest bread I have ever tasted..


3 reviews for Pan Gallego

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wow! Fabulous tasting bread!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I got to taste this loaf purely by default as I arrrived at the Rex bakery shortly after the last sourdough had been sold – always my first port of call when visiting this first rate bakery.
    I am now stuck with the impossible choice of which loaf to go for on my next visit as the Pan Gallego is an incredible loaf, all down to the perfect alignment of three amazing qualities found in this bread. The crust is dark and crunchy a bit like perfect crackling on a shoulder of pork, the flavour rich and deeply toasted. The texture of the bread is wonderful, wholly and firm with a rich dense but somehow light mouth feel and finally the flavour which has a distinct rye sourness to it.
    I opted to have it sliced which is perfect for sandwiches – I may opt to go for the unsliced option next time in order to make a thick cut piece of toast which I just know is going to be sublime. I would quite happily pay double for a loaf of this flavour and quality and it’s beyond me how someone would consider this shop pricey. If it’s value you’re after consider Wenzel’s a few doors down but if you want to eat bread of a 5 star standard, dig into your pocket and pay the asking price! Long live the Rex.

    • :

      Love this comment, thank you! Your description of the crust is BRILLIANT! We think we offer TREMENDOUS VALUE at just a few pounds for a loaf, less than you will pay for a glass of cheap wine or even a coffee in most eateries – and that actually, the unmentionable local alternative “breads” may have a lower price but offers MUCH LESS VALUE!!!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Excellent bread – great texture, delicious sourdough taste. Crust is particularly tasty and a little darker than most other loaves.

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