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Organic Ciabatta

Ciabatta is not a loaf with a long tradition, being invented only in the 1980’s in Italy.  Good Ciabatta & Focaccia is tricky to make because of the very high water content compared to other breads.  That’s why most shop-bought ciabattas bear no resemblance to the real thing. The  Rex Ciabatta is influenced by memories of Rome, is all hand-made and utterly delicious 🙂

Product Description

Our Ciabatta is made with Organic Ciabatta Flour, lots of water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yeast & Salt. We use a lot more water than the average baker, about 91 grammes per 100g of flour and it makes this loaf very tricky to make & handle.  The  reason we go the extra mile, is because it makes the loaf  very light, creates the large open hole structure you should expect from a good Ciabatta and makes the loaf very moist with a pleasant mouthfeel and a soft crust.  This is the same dough that we use in the mushroom Ciabatta that won a gold World Bread Award.  Learn more about our Ciabatta


Organic white ciabatta flour
Fresh Yeast
Extra virgin Olive Oil




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