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potato sourdough

Potato Sourdough

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Delicious loaf with crunchy poppyseed exterior and smooth, moist crumb thanks to the replacement of some of the wheatflour in the dough with mashed potato.   This is a traditional recipe, adding more moisture & vegetable superfood health benefits You really can't detect the potato taste at all btw!

Product Description

Sourdoughs are very special loaves – they take days to make & have many digestive health benefits.    The addition of mashed cooked healthy superfood potato to 100% organic white flour dough can’t be tasted, but creates a smooth, extremely moist bread that is the Rex Baker’s 7 year old son’s absolute favourite for his sandwiches!  We think that Potato Sourdough lasts longer too


Organic white flour
mashed or baked potato
Wild Yeast (sourdough) homemade from Misbourne Valley organic honey


“the bread was excellent – smoother in texture of course than your normal
sourdough and a very nice flavour”

 “I LOVE the potato bread”

Hiii guys that potato sourdough was sooo good the best so far for me

1 review for Potato Sourdough

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is our favourite sourdough, love the nuttiness of the poppy seed with a moister crumb. Keeps fresh for longer than normal sourdough.

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