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Rye breads

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Rex 100% Rye breads have a loyal band of followers.  Popular in Central & Eastern Europe, Rye breads are more dense and complex tasting than many breads.  We usually have the classic dark rye bread available in Rex Bakery but sometimes we rotate our recipes – to include Scandinavian, seeded, spiced, Farmhouse… to name but a few.

Product Description

The Rex Baker loves making Rye bread.  Ours taste authentic and are hand-made with a fresh sourdough starter – meaning a very healthy bread.  They are also mostly made with 100% rye flour so avoid the use of wheat & are naturally lower in gluten, which some Friends of Rex do request.   Rye breads need to settle down for 24 hours so are wrapped in film. This tangy loaf is excellent with smoked salmon, cream cheese and as open sandwiches.


100% rye flour
Sourdough starter

Spiced: Coriander seed, Anise Seed, & Fennel Seed

Seeded:  Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Linseeds


“It’s really hard to get such good Rye bread in England.  I am so pleased to have found Rex!”

“This rye was lovely!! Just right as far as the bitterness is concerned”

1 review for Rye breads

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Light Rye Bread is the most delicious bread, it’s great on its own, as part of a sandwich or toasted (with lots of peanut butter)…..yummy!

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